How to hire a helper from the Philippines?
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How to hire a helper from the Philippines?

Hiring a helper located in the Philippines costs $2,499, excluding the flight ticket and the COVID-19 tests and Stay Home Notice (SHN) fees in Singapore. It includes:

  • Service fee ($795)

  • MOM fee ($70)

  • insurance ($269) + $64.20 for 14-day COVID-19 coverage upon arrival

  • medical in SG ($40)

  • SIM card purchase and delivery ($39)

  • Documentation at the embassy ($300)

  • Documentation in the Philippines including medical checkups and training certification ($921)

If she has never worked in Singapore before, there will also be the following additional items:

  • Settling In Programme ($75)

  • Lodging x 2 nights ($70)

  • Transportation ($100) 

There is no salary deduction or any fees for your helper.